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This is an intelligent ozone water machine designed for kitchen, unique mini design, easy to use. Safety ozone is mixed with water and produce ozonated water to meet need for daily life and restaurant.

Water with high ozone concentration can sterilize food & kitchen ware, disinfect hands, floors, wall, tables,; use as cleaning solution for towels & rags. Oxidize, decompose bacteria and pesticide from fruits and vegetable surfaces keep food fresh, Neutralize hormones and smell from meat, extend usable life and make food safe; Can also remove germs, bacteria and residual chlorine in tap water.

Medical-add the effectiveness of ozone sterilization without the need for consumable oxygen and convert tap water at any faucet to liquid sanitizer. Increase safety and sanitation everywhere that people use water to wash, bathe or irrigate wounds and incisions;

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Applicable Industries: fam/hotel/                            Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Brand Name: SIHON OZONE                                   Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Warranty: 1 year                                                      Size:47cm*22cm*27cm(L*W*H) 
Net weight: 5KGS