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The best way to kill mites
"If you don't get quilted for three months, millions of mites will sleep with you." This is a Chinese saying. At the beginning of the new spring, everything recovers, which is a good time for the growth and reproduction of mites. The recent persistent rainy weather has made mite reproduction more active.
  Scientists have found that people with skin diseases have 12.8 mites per square centimeter of skin, and people without skin diseases have 0.7 per square centimeter. Calculated according to the average face of an ordinary human face, 350 square centimeters, if there are no acne on your face, there are about 245 mites on the face at night; if there are more acne on the face, there are about 4480 mites on the face The study found it creepy.
   Mites can cause a variety of allergic diseases in the human body. Lu Jianyun said that for special groups such as infants, pregnant women and other people who are allergic to mites, clinics must provide targeted, safe and effective treatments. How to deal with these invisible small things? Such as ozone hydrotherapy.
  What is ozone hydrotherapy? Ozone has a fast and efficient killing effect on bacteria, viruses, fungi and even smaller parasites. Ozone dissolves in water and has strong sterilization ability. It is 600 to 3000 times that of chlorine. It can kill pathogenic microorganisms. It belongs to physical therapy and does not contain hormones. Ozone hydrotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for infants, pregnant women and other special populations. Regular people wash and soak regularly to prevent it.
  • Apr 20, 2020
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