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How to clean clothes healthy

In our lives, we generally use laundry detergent or liquid detergent to wash clothes, but these products contain products of chlorine and other chemical ingredients. These laundry products not only cause environmental pollution, but some people also cause skin allergies. Washing clothes with ozone water can save washing powder, bleach, electricity, water and washing time, reduce shrinkage of clothes, increase the durability of clothes, and reduce pollution of washing water. In some developed countries in Europe and the United States, ozone is used in many commercial laundry, not only because ozone disinfection is more environmentally friendly than chlorine disinfection, but also the use of ozone is more economical.

    1. Shorter period (the ozone disinfection rate is 300 times that of chlorine)

   The sterilization capacity of ozone is 150 times that of chlorine, and the sterilization speed is more than 3000 times faster than that of chlorine. Ozone water is a substitute for bleaching water and most liquid disinfection chemicals. Ozone water is safer than other disinfectants, has no residual poisons, and is the most environmentally friendly disinfection tool.

    2. Whiter (ozone has the effect of bleaching)

    Ozone is the second strongest oxidant in the world. Appropriate amount of ozone can produce extremely strong cleaning ability, so that the dirt can be decomposed by ozone in a short time and get rid of clothing fibers. After oxidation, ozone will be decomposed into oxygen. This oxygen molecule is helping the cleaner to exert a stronger cleaning power. Therefore, the use of ozone water laundry can save up to 40% of washing powder (or washing liquid).

    3. Can effectively decompose oil

    Ozone can effectively decompose oil stains and remove oil stains that general cleaning agents cannot remove.

    4. Extend the life of linen products

    If clothes, sheets, bedding, etc. come from the hospital, special disinfection is required. The traditional method is to use bleaching water and raise the water temperature. Ozone has a strong sterilization ability, and using ozone water to treat such high-risk clothing is the most suitable. Without hot water, it can also reduce clothing shrinkage and fiber entanglement.

    5. Make the fabric fibers soft and natural

    Ozone can increase the oxygen content in the washing water. Oxygen can activate a variety of washing powders to bring a supple effect. The use of ozone saves a lot of chemical softeners and makes the fabric fibers naturally smooth.

    6. Reducing the use of cleaning agents and bleaching water is equivalent to reducing ecological pollution

    Most detergents have an adverse effect on ecology; chlorine has been shown to produce carcinogens and pollute the biological chain. The European and American countries have proposed or planned to ban. Using ozone to reduce or discard these chemicals can effectively protect the ecological environment.

    7. Reduce over-water, save water, save time and save electricity

    Ozone can reduce the use of washing powder, bleaching water and softener, and also save the amount and time of overwater; plus no heating, it can save heating time and huge electricity costs. Ozone water laundry not only saves water, saves time and electricity, but also saves a lot of money.


  • Apr 27, 2020
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