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How to remove room musty
In a rainy or humid environment, there will be a musty smell in the room. The presence of mildew in the room not only affects the air quality, but also affects the health of the human body, it is easy to bring uncomfortable feelings and bad moods, so it is very necessary to remove the mildew in the room. So, how to remove the musty smell in the room? What should I do if the room has a musty smell? Here is how to remove the musty smell in the room.

Method 1: Open the window to ventilate

Most of the musty smell in the room is caused by the lack of indoor air circulation and long-term uninhabited. It is recommended to open the windows of the room often to maintain indoor and outdoor air circulation, which can not only remove the musty smell of the room, but also maintain a healthy body and mind

Method 2: Turn on the air conditioning dehumidification function

The humid environment is also the main reason for the moldy smell in the room. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioning dehumidification function to reduce the indoor humidity and reduce the possibility of mold growth, while reducing the moldy smell in the room.

Method 3: Place green plants

Small green plants can be placed in the room, on the one hand can purify the air, on the other hand can increase the indoor oxygen content.

Method 4: Aromatherapy essential oil

Aromatherapy oil or air freshener can quickly cover the musty smell in the room and create a fresh breathing space.

Method 5: Activated carbon
Place some activated carbon ornaments, which can effectively absorb the pollutants in the indoor air and prevent the occurrence of mildew in the room.

Method 6: Ozone generator
Ozone is a healthy and non-polluting strong oxidizing gas, which can effectively kill bacteria and mold, remove odors, and does not cause any harm to the human body. Because it is gas, any gap in any corner can be reached. Just turn it on in the room and time it to close the doors and windows. Because of the pungent smell of ozone, people must stay outside the room and wait for a period of time after the ozone generator has finished working before entering the room. Is the most convenient and quick way to remove musty
  • Apr 24, 2020
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