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How To Deal With The Odor On Board?
Ozone will eliminate the odor on the ship,while disinfecting and removing odor.
The ozone generator can easily remove the odor on the boat and keep the fresh air on board for several years.The ship is also divided into many models,there are cruise ships,yachts,and general sand-washing boats,fishing boats,and even ships for cargo transportation.No matter what kind of boat,it needs people to control,someone on board needs food,so the smell of food will be scattered on the boat.And the moisture inside the ship provides a suitable growing environment for the microorganisms on board.As we all know,the equipment is very complete,the boat will also have a fishy smell,after all,it is unavoidable at sea.These odors are not simply removed by general cleaning.
If you want to remove the odor on the boat,the best way is to use the ozone generator.Open all closets, cabinets, and close areas that require ozone treatment.Set the ozone machine working time according to the severity of the smell, be sure to use it in the space without people.Ozone circulates throughout the space, and it can also enter the hard-to-reach areas to oxidize the odor of the ship, killing bacteria, mold.
Note: If the boat is air conditioned, the fan on the thermostat may be turned to the ON setting for circulation and eliminate the mold odor on the ship accumulated in the pipeline system. If a boat is not used for extended periods, a plug in light timer may be used to turn the ozone generator on for an hour or so each day to prevent return of boat odors.
  • Apr 17, 2020
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