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Every family needs such an ozone machine

Nowadays, more and more families pay more attention to environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyles, but as the living environment changes, more and more harmful bacteria, viruses and chemical pollution invade our lives unconsciously. Ozone generators It is a must-have product for every family. What are the benefits of ozone generator
First, it is scientifically proven that ozone is a sterilizing gas that can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses and remove various mold viruses. Unlike sterilized water, ozone is a gas ionized by oxygen. It is environmentally safe and non-polluting. With such a product at home, your life will be healthier.

  1. When you clean vegetables and fruits, you can use it to kill the bacteria on the vegetables and fruits and decompose the remaining chemical pesticides. Ensure the safety and health of our food
  2. When we clean the kitchen tableware, we can use the ozone water generated by it to wipe the tableware. Can disinfect tableware
  3. If we have little babies at home, we need to be very careful when cleaning up the bottles and clothes they use to prevent them from being harmed by chemicals. You can use the siho ozone generator to clean baby's clothing, baby bottles and pacifiers, which is healthy and pollution-free.
  4. Can be used when we wash our face and brush our teeth. Ozone water can kill all kinds of bacteria, and can avoid all kinds of skin diseases and oral diseases. We can also use it to bathe pets, which can prevent pets from all kinds of skin disease


  • Apr 20, 2020
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